Development Engineers

KLK Motorsport is a seasoned development partner for some of the most ambitious engineering projects in motorsport, production cars and advanced engineering projects. Our team specialises in structural, kinematic, fluid, thermal and mechanical design with a focus on high-performance materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. KLK has the capabilities to take the lead on large technical projects like monocoque development and bodywork detail design, as well as providing support to in-house teams such as assisting in the aerodynamic development of a top-tier race car. The core of our approach centres on simulation-led design, which results in informed decisions being made from the conceptual phase through to production.

Over the past 20 years, we have supported class-leading motorsport teams in LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype Racing), DTM (German Touring Cars), WRC (World Rally Championship), Formula E and F1; many of which have become champions in their respective classes. Furthermore, we have supported automotive manufacturers in the development of super sports cars and other novel passenger cars in addition to contributing to various advanced engineering projects outside of the automotive industry.


This has been the core market for KLK Motorsport since its founding. It also serves as a basis for our other projects providing an understanding of cutting edge technologies and design processes that can be adapted to other sectors. Motorsport is the ultimate arena in engineering, where competition drives innovation to the limit.


The combination of state-of-the-art lightweight design methods and the highest safety standards is one of the core competences of KLK. Not only for this reason numerous cooperative aerospace development projects have already been successfully completed. Our flexibility and ability to act in global cooperation with customers and partners have also proved to be unique selling points.


Many industries face the same fundamental challenges as in motorsport where the mechanical performance determines the success of a product. Because of this, KLK Motorsport has been able to contribute to projects in various fields including micro mobility, marine, robotics and medicine.

Small series

Our experience in various production projects has demonstrated our ability to adapt motorsport design processes in early-stage vehicle development. This phase is well suited to fast design iteration and creative design space exploration allowing us to provide more innovative solutions for complex problems.