"in perfect synergy"


The Gerg Group has been our closest partner for over 17 years, supporting many of our projects with prototyping and small series production know-how. Since we are located on the same campus, our communication channels are short and provide us with constant feedback on the manufacturing implications of any design decisions. This close cooperation has allowed us to push the boundaries of what is possible with structural composite and metallic structures. Furthermore, the Gerg Group excels at manufacturing low tolerance components and surfaces to the most demanding standards, such as for show cars.

Precision Machining

Composite Materials

Rapid Prototyping & Casting

Model Workshop

Non-Destructive Testing



Many projects also depend on design and styling for their success. For this, we have repeatedly cooperated with the Lumod design agency who are also located in the vicinity of the campus we operate from. Lumod specialises in design, strategy and branding giving unique insights into technical projects that need to connect with an audience.