KLK Motorsport is your engineering development partner of choice for high performance structural and mechanical solutions. We provide complete development support from concept generation to detail design of prototypes and small production runs. Through long standing relationships and tight integration with our partners, the Gerg Group, we also possess an understanding of the relevant production techniques.

Projects are tackled by small, interdisciplinary teams that are given ample flexibility to explore the design space and respond quickly when required. This results in more creative approaches and faster design cycles. In addition to experienced mechanical design engineers, our team includes accomplished structural engineers and aerodynamicists, well versed in numerical simulation. These teams have our in-house high performance computing cluster with more than 1000 processor cores and a variety of internally developed software and workflow automation tools at their disposal.

Concept Generation

The best solutions begin with superior concepts. KLK Motorsport sees this as the critical component in the development process. That is why the conceptual design is deeply rooted in our methodology. The fundamental design decisions are taken by experienced simulation engineers which are supported by multidisciplinary teams, to ensure only feasible and comprehensive solutions are considered.

By accepting that engineering design is an iterative process, we have completely incorporated continuous reevaluation and modification of the initial concepts based on the insights gained from design studies and simulations.

CAD Design

Effective mechanical design requires an in-depth understanding of the structural and practical demands placed on a component or assembly while bearing in mind the possibilities and costs design decisions have during production. Our experienced design engineers include specialists in composite design and high-performance mechanical assemblies. Many of them are also adept simulation engineers, providing an unmatched perspective on the components they work on.




Structural Simulation

Finite element analysis (FEA) is essential when developing lightweight structures, especially when incorporating composite materials. KLK Motorsport has pursued this approach since the beginning and gathering more than 20 years of experience simulating carbon fibre reinforced plastics with the most challenging modelling requirements. Our development methods rely on tightly integrated teams of simulation engineers and CAD designers, which allows us to investigate a wide variety of possible solutions while ensuring these are feasible to manufacture and that they conform to packaging requirements.

Crash simulation is an essential tool in the design of critical vehicle structures and complete monocoques. KLK Motorsport has acquired in-depth expertise in the crash simulation and optimisation of structural carbon fibre components and monocoques. This also includes requisite validated material models and modelling approaches. These techniques have been applied and validated in the automotive field, as well as in aerospace development.

The Airbus Helicopters Racer is a high-speed helicopter demonstrator currently being developed as part of the Clean Sky 2 research programme. KLK Motorsport together with Gerg are responsible for the development and manufacturing of the CFRP Canopy structure.
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Fluid & Thermal Simulation

Over the past decade, KLK Motorsport has acquired extensive knowledge in aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, particularly from supporting motorsport teams which are at the cutting edge of aerodynamic simulation. What sets KLK Motorsport apart is a fully automated simulation workflow and in-house software tools for post processing, analysis and simulation variant management. Our process allows us to go from a CAD geometry to simulation results in a single click, as well as managing hundreds or thousands of simulations and their relationships effortlessly. Such tools are essential for tackling extensive aerodynamic optimisation campaigns.

Complete vehicle simulations require exceedingly large simulation models, which also means that they need to be processed on high-performance computing clusters. For highly sensitive geometry and styling data, KLK Motorsport possesses a powerful in-house computing cluster to ensure that our client's data is safe. With this resource, we are capable of simulating and post-processing up to 60 CFD models with 100 million cells per week.